The journey starts once more.  My last trip to Southern Patagonia in 2008 was a memorable trip for many reasons.  I recall meeting Bert,a Dutch world touring cyclist, who suggested the aches and pains of the road would fade with time and I’d be on another cycling adventure before too long.  How right he was, and so in 2012 I cycled from La Paz, Bolivia on a somewhat lazy route criss-crossing the Andes.

Now, late 2016, I want to relive my first journey, but this time make the land bridge between Puerto Natales to Calafate and then deeper into Argentina’s remote Fitz Roy National Park before taking the, somewhat adventurous mule track, over to Villa O’Higgins.  From there its the start, or the end for some, of the Carratera Austral.  Ruta 7 will from there wind Northwards taking me through more spectacular scenery ultimately finishing in Puerto Montt.

If lady luck is with me, I should find just sufficient time to pack my bike and immediately depart for a return back to domestic life in the UK.

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2012 & 2014 trips are here https://cyclingtheandes2012.wordpress.com/

2008 trip is here http://cycle-patagonia-2008.blogspot.co.uk/

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