20 Days to go

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Therefore I’ll start with a brief of the route.  Starting from a flight into Puerto Montt, I’ll overstay a couple of nights before taking a bus overland through Argentina to Punta Arenas, Chile.  Not any time to loose, so skipping a trip to Ushuaia, heading North to Puerto Natales.

A quick dash through Torres del Paine before crossing back into Argentina to pickup Ruta 40.  Recall Top Gear’s latest trip to South America?  I’ll pass Calafate, Chalten then FitzRoy National Park.  Taking a mule track over the border down into a remote part of Chile.  Villa O’Higgins northwards pass Cochrane, maybe a side trip to Tortel if I’m not behind schedule.  Then further along Ruta 7 to Coyhaique, El Chaiten and Puerto Montt.

I need a bike, so I’ve dusted off my trusty Diamondback Wildwood, which has served me well on previous trips.  It’s  bit like Trigger’s trusty broom.  The Bob Ibex trailer also reconditioned.  Bike box thanks to Pete, reminding me to Enjoy the Ride, how apt!

So with less than 20 days to departure, I’m finalising my packlist, making sure my travel laptop is loaded with all those apps I’ll need en-route, and finally sorting my travel log out so my family & friends can keep in touch whilst I’m away. [2nd attempt as I fathom wordpress blogging :-)]

2016-itinerary – 2016-itinerary


2 thoughts on “20 Days to go

    1. Oh, something about those who don’t know the Chilean woods don’t know the planet. From those lands, the soil, the silence I left to walk to sing for the world. … well something like that, I think.


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