Made it

Made it … Well to the start anyway.  It’s been a long journey with the final leg a bus journey from Pto Montt to Pta Arenas & now I’m just at the beginning!

Following a rest day in Puerto Montt, visiting Anghelmo, I caught the Queilon bus to Punta Arenas Monday morning.

I’ve struggled the last few days as this travel complexity with impending issues en route plays with your mind a lot.  Suffice to say reaching the beginning was no easy feat.

On arrival I banked on someone from a hospedaje [read Bed n Breakfast] waiting at the bus station to pick up customers.  Bus didn’t stop at the bus station but there was someone there waiting where it did stop.  Dragged the dilapidated bike box to waiting mini bus from where I was quickly shuttled across town to then turn my room into a workshop.  A quick dash to buy some food n a few beers, as in the morning I’m on the road for three days (two if I get a nice tail wind (dreaming!!)) before I hit another town.  Depending on Pto Natales internet, I’ll either re-connect there, or it could be 2+weeks hence.

NB: Must remember to tell my bank I’m traveling overseas from little old blighty despite them not providing a published process to tell them!  Seems they like to block all transactions despite valid credentials at every step. Damn security! Thanks to Skype, a secured VPN back home and I’m back in business again!

So I’ll leave you with some pics while I’ve strong internet.


4 thoughts on “Made it

    1. Thankfully they do a tonic, which comes in at, on offer, of £2.50 for 1.5 litres. It comes in red & white forms, with a slight propensity to have some side effects depending on how much you need to take. Concha y Torro.


    1. Well, I was about to take lunch down at Angelmo, when I stumbled across a full on parade. Lots of Mayoral stuff with dignatories etc. They seemed to be celebrating the fire service from the days of yore, which on close up of the old geezer’s service medals I guess he was there !


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